Lake Village Chamber of Commerce

 Annual Lake Chicot Fall Festival

October 27th and 28th,  2017


We invite you to participate in our 21st Annual Lake Chicot Fall Festival 2017! The festival starts on Friday, October 27th at 5pm and closes on Saturday, October 28th at 7pm (vendor set-up begins at 2pm on Friday, October 27th or you may set up between 6am-9:30am Saturday, October 28th).

It is our desire to produce a wholesome, family oriented festival; therefore, the sale of guns (real or plastic), laser devices, or knives is prohibited. We hope you decide to join us and become part of our community for this special; day. We are making it a priority to secure a limited quantity of vendors in each category for our annual event here is a partial listing of events that will occur during this year’s festival: Smoke on the Water BBQ competition, Best Dog Show Ever, kids’ games, live entertainment, BMX Bike Show and much more!!!


Please Print

Items to be offered for sale are (please specify):



Name of Company ______________________________________

Contact Name: ______________________ FAX: ___________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Booths are 18’ wide by 10’ deep. BOOTH MEASURING MORE THAN 18’ FEET, INCLUDING TRAILER HITCH, MUST RENT 2 SPACES (2ND space maybe discounted depending on how much space is required.)

Booths $60 each (nonaffiliated parties & individuals)

Electricity $40 extra, I will need electricity: 110 _____ 220______ (limited space)


  • These are flat fees. No commission will be collected
  • Vendors are not allowed to sell Festival t-shirts, hats, etc.
  • Electricity is available only 1-19. Booths with electricity will pay an additional $40
  • Spaces will be available for setting up booths at 2 pm on Friday, Oct.27th. A security person will be on duty from 9 pm Friday night to 6 am Saturday morning, at which time chamber members will be around.
  • We will assign booths when application is received and paid. Please have application in by October 9th, 2017.


Application hereby agrees to release, indemnify, and hold harmless the sponsoring organization from any responsibilities, personal liability, loss claim, or damage, about this event. You will be required to comply with ARK. ACT 370, which deal with exhibitors’ sales tax. If you are a food vendor you should have a permit from Health Department.

The lake Village Chamber of Commerce reserves the exclusive right to sell official Festival t-shirts, caps, BBQ dinners. Complete application and fee remittance, payable to Lake Village Chamber of Commerce.


Applicant Signature __________________________________________ Date: ______________


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